Old Silhillians 2nds 2 v 2 Ladies 2nds

Scorers: G.Brookes, J.Beddows

Players of the match: Charly Dodds

Adders Ladies 2nd team travelled to Old Silhs on a nice sunny Saturday morning. The young side were led by new skipper Tara Harrison which meant they were well prepared at the start of the game. 

There was good defending by Hannah Saunders, Jen Mawee, Camille Purnell- Mullick, and Christine Kobrin who kept the Old Silhs from scoring more.
The Adders first goal came from a run down the right side from Tara Harrison with a great cross to Gracie Brookes who had her stick in the right place at the right time and scored in the 14th minute. By half time the score was 1-1.
With a change of subs we put Jemima Beddows moved up front. This tactical move paid off as she scored a second Adders goal from a strong hit in the 42nd minute.
Old Silhs equalised in the last 5 minutes but Olivia Paice made some fantastic saves which stopped them from scoring more.
A well deserved draw and a good match.