Leamington 2nds 3 v 2 Mens 2nds

Scorers: B.Glover (2)

Man of the Match Stotty – Stubby – it wasn’t pretty but neither was Agincourt

Donkey of the Day – Brent – He only scored two goals thus deliberately avoiding buying a jug and one of his back stick miss shots was spotted by a fully alert South Korean air traffic controller. 
The Adders began their 2017/18 season with a frustratingly narrow loss to Leamington. The Adders started the strongest by going up 2 – 0 within the first ten minutes as in-form striker Brent Glover got a brace of goals – ably supported by Battering Ram Stotty, Christian Moloney doing his normal trick of running everywhere and Mini-Me Keelan Ford. 

The Adders seemed to think it was going to be a walk over and started to relax and go for the 3rd goal but this just gave Leamington the opportunity to get back into the game. Against the run of play a long ball from Leamington managed to sneak past both the Adders midfield and defence. This left the lone Leamington forward one on one with our Keeper Will Parsons and the forward managed to win out.
A little later Leamington were awarded a short corner and Parsons managed to stop the flicked ball perfectly. However as it rebounded from Will’s glove it developed a bit of back spin and it bounced awkwardly into the net. The Adders were stunned to be all square at half time after dominating the game.
In the second half both sides tired, which allowed the forwards from both teams to push through the opposing defence. It was end to end action with Negus and Stubby constantly swinging their axes at anything that moved – including each other and thin air. On the defensive wings Cieran Shout-some-More and Jacob Boaty Mc Saunders displayed excellent counter attacking runs, but the ball kept coming back again.
Eventually Leamington took the lead with a well worked goal – well worked by a Leamington foot as obvious as a poke in the eye. The Leamington forward did a superb keepy uppy performance with his feet and the ball. Not that obvious to the Umpire unfortunately. The Umpire explained that he couldn’t be expected to spot everything – fair point.
The Adders carried on though incredulous. Peter Lancaster and Chris Currie did some great runs down the wings and managed to get past the aging Leamington defence. Unfortunately though, their passes across the D never made contact with another Adder.
On another Leamington attack they smacked the ball into Negus’s foot 5 yards in front of the Umpire. Before the umpire had time to blow his whistle Negus put his hand up and shouted out that the ball had hit his foot, as the umpire couldn’t be expected to see everything. The umpire almost saw the colour red on that one but decided that Negus was just an idiot.
After more Adders attacks Chris Currie eventually got through and scored a superb goal, just like the Leamington second goal. The ball did a back spin and high bounce and slid past the confused Leamington Keepers shoulder. Negus was cheering as if France itself had fallen. Unfortunately though the umpire decided it was “dangerous” and disallowed it. Nobody could believe it, especially Negus who did a Vicar of Dibley, Jim Trott – “No, No, No, N, No, N, Yes”.
In the bar afterwards it was decided that what the umpire really meant was that it was too “awesome” instead but just got his words mixed up. Next time Chris, a little less awesomeness please. So the game ended with a very disappointing loss, a game which the Adders should have won.