West Brom 3rds 1 v 3 Mens 3rds

Goalscorers: K.Guest(2)B.Matthews (2)
Man of the Match: Ben Matthews
Donkey of the Day: John Woodhead

A tense first half encounter saw the Adders take a 1-0 lead after 20 minutes. The Adders started slow but were solid at the back. The away tie saw Eddie Parsons make an appearance between the posts showing little signs of weakness. 

The goal came as a result of a weaving run from Rory Korbin in midfield creating a to be converted penalty corner - Kevin Guest with the deadly strike! As the half progressed West Brom grew into the half and scored with the last touch of the half from another penalty corner. Half time called for some spirited and determining words from captain, Shane Ford.

The team reacted and gracefully took the score to 2-1 after 5 minutes. Ben Matthews glided through the midfield to set up Kevin guest for his second of the day. West Brom were out of fuel and took further pressure from the Adders as the half progressed. With a gutsy performance from the front line, Steve Hewitt led the charge to start an Adders move seeing them wrap up the match with a goal from our man of the match, Ben Matthews.