Badgers 1sts 4 v 1 Badgers 2nds

Scorers: A.Woods, W.Currie, R.Currie, C.Townsend

The Badgers 1sts started their league campaign in fine form once more, albeit at the expense of their own Badgers 2nd team clubmates. The Badgers 2nds were not going to allow a repeat of the 10 nil defeat of the previous week and the Badgers 1sts found themselves facing a strengthened team bolstered by Matt Hilton in goal and both Cameron and Jake Hobbs teaming up with two further adults to give the Badgers 1sts a true test of their character and resolve. 

To the credit of all players the fixture was played in true Adders spirit and was highly competitive throughout… the Badgers 1sts seemed to relish the challenge they faced. They slotted straight into their now familiar brand of outstanding teamwork and only faltered when realising the Hobbs twins were allowed to score….Cameron boosting the 2nds confidence with a fine goal to keep the scores tight early on.
The Badgers 1sts though did not panic and calmly worked out how to finally beat the seemingly unbeatable Hilton in goal…despite the four they scored Matt saved time and time again to force them to rethink their strategy. George Chiverton made the breakthrough by cheekily reeling in the goalie on the backline with some nifty footwork which saw Matt finally flat out and Will Currie stepping in to slot the ball into the net…much to the amusement of Aggy the umpire.
For the Badgers 2nds there were outstanding performances from Alex Kobrin up front and Harry Barlow in defence who thwarted many attacks with some beautifully timed tackles to frustrate the 1sts attack.
A great start to the league by both teams who face Pickwick and Olton next week.