All Adders match day, training and leisure wear is available through the Adders On-Line Shop which will be managed by our kit partner - Samurai Sports.

How it works

  • The shop will be open on the first day of each month for two weeks
  • Select your item and add it to the basket
  • When you've finished shopping you will need to proceed to the checkout
  • Set up your own on-line account and pay for the goods
  • Shipping costs are £4.50 per package, so it may be a good idea to share your order with someone else to keep costs down
  • Delivery will usually be two to three weeks after the shop has closed for that month. - So make sure that you plan your purchases!
  • To see whats available - just click on THIS LINK

    We are currently reviewing our Club Kit Supplier and are testing the market with a number of Suppliers. The Adders shop is still open, but we would suggest you hold off on buying any larger kit items until we have completed this selection process. We are looking to make an announcement early in December.

What's available

Currently, there's the usual items of clothing such as polos, hoodies and storm jackets, but there's also some new items such as tracksuit bottoms and jackets. Juniors can buy a special Match Day shirt that's been designed for us and is at a great price!

There's also some training shorts available which are great value, and I also like the Adders backpack. which would be great for Match Days.

If you want to add any items to the shop then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. what you would like to see in there and I'll see if we can get it added.