Ladies 2nds 19-20

A challenging season for the L2s with a very new and inexperienced team. However we encouraged and coached our juniors and developed as a team over the season. Our match play improved and we were able to play some good hockey which allowed us to finish 1 below mid table. We look forward to building on this next season.

Team Ladies 2nds
Season 2019-20
Captain Belinda Negus
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  9 10 5  7
Player of the season Rachel E Roberts (Robbo)
Players Player Neve Connor
Last season the L2s narrowly avoided being relegated so this season we were determined that this would not happen again. We started the season scraping a side together as we had lost 7 players from last season, 2 to play for the L1s, 1 to university, 1 to injury and 3 sadly decided to not play anymore. So we enlisted the help of the L3s using some badgers (who had not played any senior hockey) and juniors who had played L3s last season. They all proved themselves more than capable and so they stayed! Unfortunately our lack of match experience showed and we struggled to win games. We did not let this worry us and the more experienced players took it upon themselves to coach our juniors and bring them on. Occasional double ups from the 1s helped to bring players on as well. Training and having Cam Hobbs coach on the sideline whenever possible, also made a huge impact and we put some good match play together in the second half of the season. More importantly though, we created a great camaraderie and team spirit which helped bring the team together. However it wasn’t all plain sailing, in fact the ladies section felt that the whole universe was against us as we had injuries, illness and very inconsistent availability making it challenging to put 3 teams out on a Saturday. The L2s were the lucky ones as on the whole we managed to have similar players most weeks.
A special thanks has to go to Ray Small and Storm Strugnell, stepping in to cover the 1s games when Michaela broke her arm. And also to Dan, our number 1 supporter who helped with subbing, stategy and team talks!
A solid performance to finish just below mid-table and lots for the team to build on next season.