Adders AGM 2020

The first ever Adders virtual Annual General Meeting took place at 7:30pm on 16th July 2020 via Zoom.

"As a Hockey Club we rely on our members, parents and volunteers. So I would like to encourage anyone that has a little bit of spare time to consider some of the roles/offices below that we need to fill. Don't be afraid to volunteer, as I believe the more the merrier and many hands make light work. With a growing number of teams, we can use as may helpers as we can muster, and you will always be welcome."  Joseph Kobrin - Chair

Feel free to nominate yourself for any of the roles below or nominate someone else as long as you have their permission to do so.


1. Apologies
2. Acceptance of Minutes
3. Chairs Report
4. Captains Reports Summary
5. Treasurer’s Report, Yearly Accounts and next year’s Budget
6. Acceptance of Accounts and next year’s Budget
7. Proposal and Acceptance of Annual Fees 2020/21
8. Election of New Officers
9. AOB

 Club Chairperson  Jo Kobrin  See below
 Vice Chairperson  Antony Hobbs  
 Club Secretary  Paul Negus  See below
 Club Treasurer  Antony Hobbs  See below
 Fund Raising Secretary  Vacant  See below
 Press/Media Officer  Vacant  See below
 Social Secretary  Vacant  See below
 Coaching Coordinator  Vacant  See below
 Volunteer Coordinator  Vacant  
 Men’s Fixture/Match Secretary  Paul Negus  See below
 Ladies Fixture/Match Secretary  Emma Snowdon  See below
 Club Captain  Alice Burridge  See below
 Club Umpires Secretary  Antony Hobbs  See below
 Mens 1sts Captain  Martin Webb  See below
 Ladies 1sts Captain  Alice Burridge  See below
 Mens 2nds Captain  Christian Maloney  See below
 Ladies 2nds Captain  Belinda Negus  See below
 Mens 3rds Captain  Antony Hobbs  See below
 Ladies 3rds Captain  Nicky Lancaster  See below
 Mens 4ths Captain  Eddie Parsons  See below
 Badgers Manager  Sally Oldham  See below
 Junior Manager  Jill Thomas  See below