Writing Match Reports

So you're the one that's 'volunteered' to write this weeks match report but you don't know where to start....

Here's a handy guide to help you to get all the information in to the Adders Press Secretary as accurately as possible.

Please keep reports as close to 100 words as you can, as these are more likely to be accepted by the newspaper at this length. If you want to write a longer report or make it "funny" and less formal for the website, as an addition to the press report you can, but the press report is the most important so please keep that in mind.

All reports need to be sent to The Adders Press Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the Sunday night following the match by 5pm.

Date of Match (Insert here) Location (Insert here)

(Insert team name here) (insert adders score here) v (insert opposition score here) (insert opposition team name here)

e.g. Ladies 3rds 1 v 3 Sutton Coldfield Ladies 1sts (Please put home team name first)

Scorers (Insert Full names of scorers here and number of goals scored) e.g Matt Damon (2), Joe Wickes

1) Think about a short introduction to set the scene.

You might want to describe the atmosphere:

  • What was the weather like?
  • What state was the pitch in?
  • How were the conditions?
  • How many were in attendance?
  • Was the game delayed?

You can also include background information such as:

  • What have been the past results between the two teams?
  • Where are they in the league table?
  • Which team has the better form going into the game?

2) When writing the body of the text start by listing key events in the order they happened. Think of key events as things you might include if you were making a highlights package of the game.

Examples include:

  • Goals or good attemps at goal
  • Penalty corners or key conversations at half time of from stoppage time
  • Substitutes on and off the pitch
  • Red, yellow or green cards
  • Injuries or stoppages in play
  • Also include; exciting periods of play and well executed moves
  • Be specific, do not ramble
  • Use short paragraphs no longer than two sentences
  • Include where appropriate the names of players and coaches 
  • NEVER criticise any of the officials