Club App

Over the last 6 months we have teamed up with a company and developed our own Adders App. So download it now!


The Adders branded app will enable you to check fixtures, show your availability, and chat with your team mates. It will also enable captains and managers to spend less time on administration. 

Over time the App will become the way that Captains will communicate with players, so it is important that you download it onto your smartphone and register your details. Teamo will send out reminders of upcoming matches and based on your availability will help the captain to pick their team. Captains will also be able to quickly send out details should the game be cancelled for any reason as well as being able to send messages efficiently.

It's also a great tool for parents as you will be able to see all of the upcomng fixtures and make sure that they are in your family diary, as well as being able to schedule lifts with other parents.