What is Hockey Heroes?

Hockey Heroes is a 6 week hockey programme aimed at beginners that not only focuses on helping children develop some physical hockey superpowers such as dribbling, passing and goal scoring, but also places as much emphasis on character development superpowers including teamwork, communication, perseverance and respect.

Our aim is for children to have lots of fun, experience lots of success, and feel like a hero! This will boost their confidence, and ensure a positive experience of physical activity and sport that will have a beneficial effect in the rest of their life.

Hockey Heroes has been designed firstly to get more children playing hockey, but ultimately we would like to encourage them to join our hockey club.

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Following the success of the first course, Atherstone Adders Hockey Club will be running another six week course for complete beginners between the ages of 5-8 years old.

The sessions will commence on Wednesday 7th November from 5.30pm till 6.30pm. All sessions will take place on the astro at The Queen Elizabeth Academy and be run bu our own Hockey Hero Champions and sidekicks. The cost the six sessions in only £32.00 for newbies which includes two hockey sticks and a ball and a personalised Hockey Hero shirt. Anyone who did the first course will only be charged £27.00 and that will include a set of cones to practice your shooting and dribbling skills.

Sign up for the course by following the link below:


Find out more about Hockey Heroes at: www.hockeyheroes.co.uk