Ladies 1sts 1 v 2 Old Silhs 1sts

Scorer: Emma Snowdon

Players of the match: Kara Edwards

It was another rainy start for Adders Ladies 1sts this Saturday. Adders were up for the challenge, despite missing some key players this week. 
With a short lapse of concentration, Old Sils took control and scored the first goal. Unfortunately, this was followed by a penalty flick for Old Sils, who placed it in the right hand corner.
Adders reacted to this and with a great pass from a 16 hit from Nadine Al-Kudcy, Emma Snowdon was able to carry the ball into the D and push it through the goalkeeper’s legs.
Half time score was 2-1 to Old Sils. In the second half, Adders stepped up and held position for most of the half. Adders made great opportunities for goals, but with a few goals disallowed the final score remained 2-1 to Old Sils.