Warwick Ladies 1sts 2 v 5 Ladies 1sts

Scorers: Des Kinsella (2), Alexandra Banks, Abi Hewitt, Ceem Rattanawong

Adders Ladies first’s played against Warwick on their new astroturf. From the start of the game it looked like Adders were going to be on the scoreboard first, but the bounciness of the pitch cause us to lose possession. Warwick used this to their advantage and scored. 

In a classic Adders style, we soon woke up and a cross from Emma Snowdon, allowed Des Kinsella to score her first goal for Atherstone. Soon after, came goal numer 2 from Alex Bank’s 25 yard hit which was deflected from Emma Snowdon, to Abi Hewitt who popped the ball into the net. There was no stopping Adders now and after winning a short corner, Rachael Probert converted this to a goal.
Going into the second half with the score 3-1 to Adders, coach Nads made sure the team remained focused. 20 seconds after the whistle, Emma Snowdon and Georgia Ellis displayed a 1-2 exchange over the whole half of the pitch, which then was crossed over to Ceem at the post, for a tap in. This goal happened so quickly that it was spectated by the rest of the Adders team and the opposition!
Adders had a short lapse in concentration which allowed Warwick to get one goal back. However, Adders kept attacking. A great run was made from defender Leanne Eden, allowing Des to add to her goal tally. Final Score 5-2 to Atherstone Adders. Man of Match goes to Emma Snowdon for her great setups.