Olton & W.Warks Ladies 3rds 2 v 2 Ladies 1sts

Scorers: Kara Edwards & Alice Burridge
Player of the Match: Alice Burridge
DOD: Leanne Edden

The Adders arrived at Olton ready for a tough game. They settled into the changing rooms with a game of find Rachael Proberts sock (in reality some slick sock grabbing and hiding skills had placed the sock out of sight). After an agonising amount of time and a lot of clues Rachael found the elusive sock and we prepared for the game.

Coach Riccardo demanded a high intensity start to the game, so the Adders got straight to business, settling into the game quickly. The first half was closely contested with both sides having chances to score. Michaela Grossi made some key saves and clearences to stop any goals being conceded.
During the half time period Riccardo demanded us to be more clinical in front of goal. Taking these words to heart, up steps Leanne Edden, with an absolute worldie of a goal (definitely an early contender for goal of the season), deflecting the ball over the keepers head and into the net. Unfortunately for the Adders, Leanne had put the ball in wrong net, giving Olton a 1-0 lead. If only Riccardo had been explicit in which goal we had to score in! Conceding the goal fired the Adders up, and we went in search of an equaliser. Winning the ball in the opposition half, Kara Edwards dribbled into the D, and with the traditional helicopter propeller reverse stick over the head, smashed the ball into the back of the net! 1-1, game on.
The Adders continued to build momentum and pushed forward, with Tara Harrison winning numerous short corners. This allowed man of the match Alice Burridge to strike the ball from the top of the D beautifully into the corner of the goal, out of reach of Oltons goalkeeper, for her first ever league goal! The Adders went wild celebrating with their captain, who had put the Adders in the driving seat and on course for a good win.
With 10 minutes left the Adders reverted to a half court press, and shut up shop denying Olton any clear chances at goal. However some poor challenges earnt Rachael Probert and Kara Edwards green cards, and gave Olton a penalty corner on the final whistle. The whole of Olton’s team stepped forward and managed to score from the last touch of the game to make the score 2-2.
Although the Adders didnt get the win there were lots of positives to take forward into next weeks game.