Ladies 1sts 1 v 4 CoB 1sts

Scorers: Alex Banks
MoM: Jodie Masser

DoD: Nadine “Bullseye” Al-Kudcy

City of Birmingham sadly put an end to the Adders Ladies 1st unbeaten start to the season. The Adders started positively; maintaining possession and putting on pressure in the opposition 23. The forward line of Emma, Jodie, Gemma and Alex scrapped away for chances at goal whilst Lucy, Rachael, Claire and Jaimie patrolled the midfield relentlessly.

Unfortunately the Adders were caught out by a quick counter attack and went 1-0 down inspite of their initial dominance. Alice, Kara, Nadine, Danni and Leanne were on hand to help build from the back and support the attacks but another quick break left the Adders 2-0 at half time. An encouraging half time talk by Eddie left the Adders raring to go for the second half. Sadly COB had other ideas and scored again straight after the restart to make it 3-0. This really fired the Adders up, who returned the favour with well worked play that resulted in a goal from Alex Banks. No less than they deserved. Despite goalkeeper Storm's best efforts COB grabbed another goal before the final whistle to make it 4-1. A scoreline that doesn't convey the hard work and dominance the Adders had throughout the game.
Jodie put in a woman of the match performance with her determination and hard work in either finding a pass or making a run for her teammates. At the other end of the accolades being handed out by the team, Nadine has the pleasure of writing this report because she was used as target practise by the opposition with the ball and the stick. With friends like these, who needs enemies?!
Regardless of the score, the Adders will come back stronger and more determined than ever. Watch out!