Leamington Ladies 4ths 8 v 0 Ladies 3rds

Player of the match: Ray Small
With a depleted squad, the easy option for the Adders Ladies 3rds was to concede the match against top of the table Leamington 4ths, but our usual enthusiasm, grit and determination meant we were up for the challenge. Captain Nicky Lancaster did a cracking job of pulling in some favours and it was great to welcome some new and old Adders to ensure we could play the match. 
The game started in tough conditions with Atherstone battling in windy conditions against a well resourced and drilled Leamington side.
This was a game we didn’t expect to win, so only being down 2-0 at half time fired us up to see if we could dent Leamington’s pride.
In response, Leamington put further pressure on the Adders team, dominating play in the second half with our defence constantly under fire. Cracking saves from Ray Small and great run outs on short corners meant that Atherstone prevented a number of goal scoring opportunities, even in the context of Leamington scoring a six further goals.
Constant determination and commitment from the Adders side was in display as the scoreline rose but also much respect to Leamington who played well and scored some belting goals. The Leamington player were generous enough to congratulate Ray Small on her performance, without whom we’d probably be limping home with a double figures scoreline to report.