Mens 1sts 12 v 1 Northampton Saints 2nds

Scorers: M.Webb(5), S.Hirons(3), J.Wagg(2), D.Johal, S.Thompson
Man of the Match: M.Webb & S.Hirons

The beginning of the league season at last! Following a great pre-season campaign the Adders were looking forward to the start of the new season and the new challenge that last seasons promotion would bring. However no-one could predict the outcome and the scoreline as they absolutely demolished Northampton Saints.

Martin Webb notched up 5 goals, which overshadowed a superb hat-trick from Sean Hirons. With Josh Wagg's contribution of two goals and goals from Simon Thompson and Daman Johal, Northampton just didn't know what hit them!
The opposition had come with a clear game plan to concede space and possession and to invite the Adders into a crowded D, while relying on the counter attack. However. that plan soon came apart when Martin Webb opened the scoring with a tennis style shot from close in on goal. He then added another with a well placed penalty corner. However the visitors began to frustrate the Adders forwards as they packed their defence and filled up the D area with bodies.
With the half time scoreline at 2-0 the Adders had to work on ways to overcome the Northampton tactics and increased their tempo and work rate. As the visitors ran out of steam the Adders started to add to their goal tally with most of the forwards getting on the scoresheet. Webb added a second half hat-trick to his two goals from the first half, Sean Hirons tapped in three goals following some great inter-passing, Simon Thompson opened his season's account with a well worked penalty corner and Daman Johal completed the rout with another tap-in goal after Cameron Hobbs had made a great run and pass.
The team would agree that this was not the best Adders performance of the season but clearly shows that they are ready for the challenge that the new league will bring.