Mens 1sts 9 v 3 Nottingham 1sts

Scorers: M.Webb(4), J.Wagg(2), D.Johal, S.Hirons,S.Thompson

Still sore from the spanking they received at Goosedale, Nottingham HC emptied their lands and marched with malevolent ill intent to conquer the Adders on their own patch. Meanwhile, back in Atherstone, Coach Webb had formulated a brilliant new plan designed to bring about Nottingham’s downfall which he keenly delivered in the usual fashion.

Glossing over Mick Thomas’s recent life-threatening event and making sure he had centre stage, he spoke for 20 mins about the importance of his minions working harder to get him the ball no matter where he was on the pitch.
But as the game began, things weren’t quite going to plan. Nottingham started sprightly and despite lacking substitutes, they were full of speed, energy and an unhealthy menace that hadn’t been there during the last encounter with the Adders.
Webb, disgruntled that his best laid plans weren’t being executed, took things upon himself. Tackling his own deep-lying defenceman Aggy, Webb surged forward, fuelled by a self-righteous fury that saw him punch in the face both Rob Currie and Josh Wagg on his way to the opposition circle, before lashing home a rocket of a shot past their Badgers goalkeeper.
The next few minutes saw both Nottingham and Webb exchanging goals, but at 3-a-piece the Adders nudged into a decisive and unassailable lead.
Further goals began to amass in the second half as the Adders took advantage of Nottingham’s weariness - Wagg scored a brace (and also picked up telephone numbers from two yummy mummies who turned up early for the following junior game) & there were further goals from Hirons, Johal & Thompson.
Webb went on to score 4 goals in a performance that should keep him in a job for one more week, although the club is reputedly already searching for a replacement.
With the harrowing defeat of two weeks ago now firmly in the past, the Adders are once again riding the crest of the wave....and with our manager now restored to his throne and pulling the strings, the only way is up.