Mens 2nds 2 v 6 Nuneaton

Scorers: Christian Moloney, Peter Lancaster
Player of the MatchYoung Negus or Best Negus as he is now known. Defensive War Lord.
Donkey of the Day: Luke Jones for the last goal

What a season for the glorious Mens 2nds. Christian Moloney has led the 2nds superbly this year and has, quite rightly, decorated his chin with more guinea pigs than is considered socially acceptable. However when you are the mighty leader of a Band of Brothers who have played like Gods you are allowed a slight indulgence in the facial hair department, no matter how ridiculous it looks.

Before this final game of the season the Mens 2nds had guaranteed their third place in the league. Third place! This season was the first season of the new open league system and all the leagues have a couple of teams who are just so good that they shouldn’t be there. Oundle and today’s opponents, Nuneaton were two such teams. They had beaten us soundly 5-1 in the first half of the season and they are a good unit. We were expecting to be beaten today but we wanted to give them a good battle and we certainly did that.
Luke Jones has been the corner stone of our defence all season and has played brilliantly in goals. Despite drawing all over his body with crayon he still dances like a startled cat thrown on a BBQ. He has saved many a goal this season and we wouldn’t have been third without him. Jake Hobbs has written his name (also in crayon strangely, as he is not allowed to use anything sharper!) as the puppet master of our defence. His aerials (except for today!) have been majestic and have completely changed our game dynamic. His ability to axe murder is unparalleled, even by the master killer, old man Negus. Ciaran Orton-Moore is what every true Adder should strive to be – fearless, committed and worshipped. If we had 11 Ciaran’s we would never lose a game. Not pretty, but he would saw off his arm with a blunt spoon if it meant he could help his team mates. He is the Black Knight from Monty Python. All season I have been keeping Ranjtastic’s secret because I have DBS checked him, so I know. As we suspected he WAS born in Sparta and in 480BC he was at the Battle of Thermopylae. His middle name is Leonidas, it’s on his birth certificate. And new young Jack Negus. Two games for the 2nds and 2 MOM awards. Finally a Negus that you are allowed to pass to! Despite watching his parents play hockey he has managed to ignore all that he has seen and turn into a gritty little defender - just in time to wave his Daddy down to the 3rds. Two Negus’s or a T**t of Negus’s in defence? What were they thinking? Despite the WALL being magnificent once again, they were just not strong enough for an impressive Nuneaton 1sts and were down 3 nil at half time.
In the second half Atherstone played much better. Peter Lancaster has been emotionally strong this season, despite his parents and got a great goal. From a short corner Jake Hobbs pushed it at goal and Peter deflected it in neatly. That was goal number 100 for the season. Christian quite rightly got goal number 101 when he unleashed all of his awesomeness from the top left of the D. He absolutely smashed it in. He meant that. At 101 goals the Adders were the top scoring team in the league, what a great way to end the season.
Our midfield were on fire. I have mentioned Harry Machin before and he deserves mention again. He puts in a mighty shift every game and gets everywhere. He runs the game from the middle and shoulder barges anyone who disagrees. Graeme Willmott, I hate to say it, is a super fit work horse and supports both defence and attack. Chink is the epitome of chic cool. He never gets flustered, he just owns everything. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone get past him (apart from his wife). And then there are our two unconventional forwards. Brent Glover is an enigma, he doesn’t play the conventional team game but he is an absolute bugger to disarm. Get that ball to Brent and he will do everything to hold it up and then pass selflessly to his co forwards. OK he has to have one windmill reverse stick shot 10 yards wide of the goal every game but we allow that indulgence because of his work rate. Ady Baker! A right hander who plays like a left hander or a left hander who plays like a right hander? I don’t think even he knows. But what a skill. He confounds defenders every game because nobody knows which way he is going to turn. With his and the Lancaster Bombers speed and Brent’s elbowyness the three musketeers tore massive holes in the Nuneaton defence.
Only 3 misdemeanours happened in this game. Ciaran almost got a home goal but luckily the initial ball was hit from outside the D. Jake couldn’t lift the skin off a bowl of custard and the last goal was a comedy of errors as Negus let is cross along the back line and Luke, well I don’t know what Luke did but I think it hit both his feet and stick before bobbling in without any intervention from the opposition.
A great battle guys and an even greater season. We should all be really proud of ourselves. Well done and extremely well led Christian. We bow before you.