Khalsa Mens 5ths 4 - 6 Mens 2nds

Scorers: Peter Lancaster(3), Chris Currie, Will Currie, Raj Mawee
Man of Match: Peter Lancaster with a hat trick and a contender for goal of the season.
Donkey of the Day: Raj Mawee - despite scoring a flick he missed another goal opportunity by clearing the football goals behind the hockey goals. He is off to Japan now as Eddie Jones has drafted him in to take the penalty kicks.

With this being the first league game of the season, the Mens 2nds decided to splash the expenses on getting a takeaway result from Leamington. They had all the right ingredients with a full Currie buffet – all 3 Curries were on the menu with Will, Rob and Chris at their spicy best. We had the three Indians of Ranj, Raj and Jaz to serve up the delicacies and we had a selection of Negus Nans, although one was a little stale, having been left out overnight we think.

Chapatti Christian was in midfield alongside Aloo Gobi Graeme. Special Constable Rogan Josh Jones was in goals, using his truncheon to beat any malingerers. We even had half a pint of Rory Kobrin to wash it down with. However the centre point of our banquet was the magnificent Ginger Jalfrezi Lancaster, like any spicy curry he was through the Leamington digestive system before they had finished chewing.
However Leamington Khalsa were there to spoil the party and with only 10 minutes played, we were three goals down. The Adders were in total disbelief and disarray. Chapatti Christian had to marshal the troops with his musical anecdotes, asking the Adders to “Tikka a chance on me” and “Things can only get Bhuna”. Christian stepped out of defence and let the legend that is Jaz come back into the centre. Things then turned around and it was a full-on food fight with the Adders getting back to 3 all from an unbelievable sky rocket of a shot delivered at a ridiculous angle from the Jalfrezi Lancaster bomber, before Leamington got a fourth just before half time.
Christian quite rightly gave us all a major rollocking and in the second half we were a different team, playing composed and intelligent hockey. The Currie buffet, along with Rory and Peter just ripped the Leamington Khalsa defence apart – it was proper pensioner abuse and our kids would have felt guilty if we weren’t all high fiving them. Rory even got mugged by their goalie and three defenders, who all chopped him to pieces in one massive assault – only for Leamington to get the hit while we tried to sew Rory back together again! We got the fourth early in the second half followed by the fifth with 15 minutes to go before getting the sixth with only 5 minutes remaining. It was an incredible come back showing the steely patience of a very talented and mature side, despite the average age being only 20 (7 if you take old man Negus out of the equation).
The Adders were Dansak on the ceiling. Peter Lancaster got a hat trick, Will and Chris Currie got one a piece and the suave devil himself, Raj, converted a beautiful penalty flick. The last 10 minutes was a master class of defence with Ranj, Jaz and young Negus literally throwing themselves into every tackle. Luke had another superb game in goals, being the vocal puppet master of the defence.
What a great victory for the first league game of the season, a great comeback and three points – ‘Ave it!