Northampton Saints 3rds 1 v 0 Adders 2nds

Man of Match:Luke Jones in goals. Made some amazing saves to keep us in this game
Donkey of the Day: No official vote so had to resort to the default position – Negus Senior

Northampton were a very good team and they came at the Adders very strongly in the first 15 minutes with attack after attack. Unfortunately they managed to squeeze a sneaky goal in and we thought that was going to be the beginning of an onslaught. However the mighty WALL of the Negi twins, Ranj and Grant Kobrin played a very strong game and kept some very skilful forwards at bay. We made a few silly passes to their forwards in true Negus senior style but then we managed to calm down to keep our composure and deliver some nice passes to the midfield and forwards. It was then that the 3 strong Currie Collective along with Mad Dog Willmott and Christian Moloney started to regain their mojo and they played some good interlinking moves. Then you throw in the awesomeness that is Peter Lancaster and Rory Kobrin along with the high stepping show pony of Raj Mawee and we were starting to look impressive. One ball went straight across the Northampton goal line, all it needed was just one stick on the floor and it would have been the equaliser.

In the second half we came out fighting and we had some superb interplay which really shocked Northampton. Unfortunately it didn’t result in any goals. Rory, our new fighting midget, got a green card for his commitment to the cause and then promptly got beaten up. Moloney got a bit shouty at the refs as we fought to get back in the game. It was a real end to end game and either team could have got a goal but Luke Jones was on fire. One memorable moment was when their Viking forward got free from his shackles. Negus senior did a Usain Bolt to get back to him and the resulting sonic boom put the guy off and he dropped his axe as Negus basically sexually abused the guy to get the ball off him. Not often you see a Viking with a sad face. Panic over and then Ranj, Jack and Grant all took it in turns to molest the Northampton forwards with Jack causing one to limp off the pitch with a stick two foot up his rectal cavity – that’s my boy!
It was not to be in the end despite Rob, Will and Chris Currie giving everything. Even Peter Lancaster’s thunder runs were not enough. Unlucky guys but a very strong performance.