Mens 2nds 2 - 4 Ashby 2nds

Scorers: Will Currie, Graeme Wilmott
Player of the MatchLuke Jones for a splendid performance in goals
Donkey of the Day: Christian Moloney – Losing Captain, Green Card and a hissy fit

This was always going to be a tough game as Ashby are league leaders. With a few last minute tweaks to our availability it meant our defence was weaker than normal. Chink was stranded in Calais due to Friday’s Brexit completely cutting us off from Europe and all of our industry and transport links being paralysed. Jaz had contracted the Coronavirus after getting a wedge of lemon stuck in his throat. Therefore we had to accommodate an injured Jake Hobbs. Normally he would struggle to make the fifths but with a limp leg he was as useful as an Ant Hobbs to the 3rds, Chocolate teapot etc. I could go on as Raj sent me an extensive list. We still had the WALL but it was in need of a little repointing as there were no subs this week. Luke was the WALL puppet master as normal with his able deputies of Ciaran Don’t-look-at-my-daughter-any-Moore, Ranjtastic the leaping Salmon, Jake the peg leg and old man Negus – who was looking like the best argument for euthanasia ever put out.

However the first 15 minutes was all Adders as Ashby struggled to cope with the swashbuckling awesomeness of our attack and midfield. Peter Lancaster, Will Currie, Chris Currie, Rory Kobrin, Raj Mawee, Keelan Ford and the two old boys of Mad Dog and Christian (now known affectionally as Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets) worked well to put loads of pressure on the Ashby defence. However, despite a couple of short corners, we couldn’t put the ball in the net. Unfortunately they were all using Peter’s GPS (Ginger Positioning System) to identify where the goal was located. I think the Russians had hacked it because they were shooting closer to Moscow than the Ashby goal.
In the end Ashby started to get back into the game and scored a goal. Just before half time Will Currie slotted in a beautiful reverse stick shot to equalise. Luckily we weren’t in Tamworth or that would have been disallowed on the grounds that Atherstone aren’t allowed to score. In the second half Ashby scored again with building pressure but Graeme Willmott got the equaliser and the game could have gone either way. However a controversial 3rd goal was scored by Ashby and the Adders lost their composure in frustration, leading to Christian getting a green card for debating the issue in a high pitched voice and a fourth goal with five minutes to go after a defensive blunder.
In the end it was a disappointing result but probably fair. The Adders will be frustrated though that a lack of clinical finishing up front, some howler defensive blunders and a controversial decision lost them the game. They could have beaten the league leaders, which is a reflection of the quality of this team. Oh well lads – upwards and onwards. We might never see a European ever again but next week we host exotic travellers from the Far East lands of Leicester Westleigh. Plus we get Chink back after a prisoner exchange scheme that Boris has negotiated with the EU.