Mens 2nds 3 - 0 Market Drayton Mens 2nds

Scorers: C.Moloney, P.Lancaster, R.Mawee

In the last friendly before the league season starts the Mens 2nds decided that they needed some stiff opposition to get them ready. Market Drayton were promoted to the equivalent league above the Adders on the west side of the league so this was going to be a tough one. However, with 5 new very high quality signings to the Mens 1sts in the last two weeks, the Mens 2nds are starting to see a bolstering of their ranks from above.

Jack Negus joined the squad, although it is never good to have two Negus’s in the one team. New boy Tom Smith was also present and it is a joy to see him with his determined, aggressive streak. He was destined to be an Adder! Over the summer Rory Kobrin doubled in height. His new statuesque 4ft 6” now means that his whirly gig moves actually work! Christian was determined to win this game to put us in the right state of mind for the season. As such his first decision was to hand the Captaincy to Peter Lancaster. Every game that Christian does not Captain, we win. It was a smart move. Even better, with the pressure off, Christian was on fire. He gloriously stepped into the Market Drayton D half way through the first half and smashed the ball into the bottom right hand corner – boom! The Adders had the majority of the play in the first half and dominated the game. The WALL was impenetrable with Luke Jones and Old Man Negus in the middle and Chink, Ranj and Negus Junior taking it in turns to guard the flanks and despatch any wayward forwards. Steve the Cat in goals had little to do and spent most of the time purring and rubbing himself against the goal posts. Raj, Rory, Mad Dog and Tom completely controlled the midfield, allowing Peter Lancaster, newly promoted Harry Barlow and – wait for it – Christian up front!! I know but where else would Peter put him? And we had to persuade Peter to keep him on the pitch anyway. Never says a word for 5 years and then Peter turns out to be an evil Bond villain. I think he hangs out with Rob Currie socially.
Ronseal Raj got our second goal just inside the second half – he just does what it says on the tin – step inside the D and smack it, goal! We thought it was game over, unfortunately Market Drayton didn’t share that opinion and they came back at us strongly. Steve was like a cat on a hot tin roof, pinging balls away from his goal, he had an awesome game. The midfield also played brilliantly with Mad Dog racing everywhere and Tom using his Inspector Gadget Stretch Arms to intercept balls. With 10 minutes to go the wheels well and truly came off the Adders bus. Negus Senior went down to a sniper shot to the knee from a 12 year old and had to be dragged off the pitch by his luscious locks. Negus Junior was inconsolable to see his Daddy go down so lamely. He fell on the floor trying to stop a ball, then fell in front of a forward, then used his reverse stick to stop the ball and then fell on the forward. He literally only used his body to stop the ball, five times in 20 seconds. Luckily Mike Brooks only used his Green card to send him off. A team with no Negus’s? How do you cope with that? You play brilliantly and score another goal, that’s what you do. Rory Kobrin did his best whirly gig of the day and went round the same two players three times before sprinting up the pitch while they head butted each other looking for him. The Adders were determined not to lose control of this game and they turned the fight back on Market Drayton. Ronseal Raj got on the end of the ball, stepped into the D and smacked it at the goal. Captain Lancaster was determined to take his commission from the game and he either stole the goal or scored a perfect deflection from a terrible Raj pass. I will let you decide?
Anyway, a great game and the perfect set up for the new league season. The Adders controlled the game with a possession dominated start which gave them the ascendancy. When things turned squeaky bum time they reacted with steely and solid defence, coupled with hard working counter attacks, rather than capitulation. Nice one chaps!!.