Mens 2nds 3 - 1 Sikh Union 2nds

Scorers: R.Mawee, E.Brown, H.Barlow

What a result for our first league game of the season. The Adders were a bit nervous as their side had changed constantly in the warm up games. With many of our dynamic youngsters gone to University we were going to have to rely on the old boys and our very new baby youngsters. The boys were definitely back in town with Chink, Old man Negus, Ranj and Jaz all back from the Old People’s home. Steve the Cat made up the old boys line up and what a bunch of heroes they were. Maybe not quite as agile as they were before but, my goodness, can they still play like Gods.

They completely clamped down on the Sikh Union forwards and gave them nowhere to go. Chink had one of his best games as he intercepted everything and was a constant part of the attacking group. Ranj the Spartan was back from Greece and nothing got past him. He impaled a number of their forwards on his shoulders and he just bounced them all back again, even getting in their 23 on the Adders attack. You then combine that with the spiniest of midfields. We all know Ben Matthews was born on a different planet when it comes to Hockey but he completely owned the midfield. The puppet master worked alongside the kings of spin – Rory and new angrier and tattooed Peperami Raj – he is a bit of an animal now. Mix in a little of the two fittest guys on the pitch – Captain Christian and the Adders engine room that is Mad Dog and Sikh Union were under the cosh. All that we needed was the simple but ruthless ability of a couple of forwards to do the simple things correctly and just get everywhere. Harry Barlow and Ellis Brown have been unbelievable in the warm up games and richly deserve their promotion to the seconds. They are just what the seconds need, nothing fancy, just bloody good doers.
Harry Dynamo Barlow got the first goal by bamboozling the Sikh Union keeper with his infamous “Now you see me, now you don’t” magic trick, slotting the ball behind the confused keeper. Ben Matthews should be arrested for silently mocking the opposition midfield, he was obviously born evil. Another attack from one of Ben’s counter moves saw the ball smacked against the post and Ellis Brown was in the right place at the right time to smack it in for number two. Unfortunately Sikh Union got a lucky goal within 2 minutes. It was nobody’s fault as Sikh Union completely smothered our goal with players so that our defenders were outnumbered. They managed to get the ball to their final unmarked player, who just managed to slot it past a flying Steve. It wasn’t Steve’s fault as he did everything right and was in the perfect place. Just unlucky. But this galvanised the Adders to get the win and the third came when Peperami Raj or the Tasmanian Devil as he is now known in Coventry span himself into a frenzy and drag flicked a beauty into the Sikh Union goal. Webby now has a video of this incredible goal and is using it for elite coaching.
It took the wind out of the Sikh Union sails for 10 minutes but then they launched a massive last 5 minute counter attack, they had nothing to lose. The WALL were immense with the old boys throwing themselves into the fray. Steve beautifully saved a couple of chances, using his dolphin nose to push one just past the post in an amazing aquatic dive. Eventually the whistle blew and Spartan Ranj let out a massive scream of celebration as he hoisted a blood drenched Sikh Union scalp into the air. It must be an Indian-Greek thing, thank goodness there were no plates around to smash.
It was an amazingly gutsy performance and in another season the talented Sikh Union could have taken a win but none were allowed to pass the new invigorated Adders 2nds. Jaz was the king pin in this performance, with his cross pitch passes being more accurate than laser guided missiles. Well done lads, awesome!

Man of the MatchHarry Barlow, he is unbelievable and what a catch for the seconds. Well done mate. Another Addercademy elite graduate
Donkey of the DayOld Man Negus – another inch perfect pass to the oppositions best forward, what a plonker.