Mens 2nds 1 - 5 Rugby & East Warks 5ths

Scorers: H.Barlow

This was always going to be a tough game against top of the league but it proved tougher than we could have imagined. Rugby were full of very fit, fast and skilful youngsters and their old boys were actually quite good!

In the first ten minutes Rugby got a goal but within 5 minutes the Adders had equalised with a superb move involving Raj, Mad Dog and Peter. They went up the right hand side in only about 3 perfectly executed moves, which resulted in Harry Barlow being in the right place at the right time, as always, and popping the ball into the net. It was very tough and quick but it was all fairly even. By the second half the Adders were starting to blow a little as the Rugby kids just would not stop running around. We couldn’t mark them quickly enough and when we did they ran off and another one appeared from nowhere. It was like trying to swat a swarm of wasps. No matter how much we thrashed at them they just kept coming back. After only 5 minutes of the second half Jake Hobbs had to leave as he had tickets for the premier of the new Care Bears movie. That meant the bottom of the diamond was left vacant and the Rugby wasps poured through the gap. The WALL of Jaz, Ranj, Negus, Chink and Steve was overwhelmed. No amount of elbowing, fouling and gamesmanship was enough. Jaz had a full on sprint at one point, it was majestic. David Attenborough introduced me to Cheeters powering past antelopes but this was on another scale. He outsprinted the kid, got the ball, twisted, held the ball and then distributed it perfectly. Jaz is the daddy Lion. Negus beat up one of their other kids and then another one twanged a hamstring trying to outsprint him – a rooky mistake. Ranj the Spartan had a great game, making some lovely last minute tackles and Chink was a monster, getting involved in most battles.
Rory, Raj, Mad Dog and Christian did their best in the midfield and Harry and Ellis were magnificent up front. The Lancaster bomber was even outgunned and had to crawl back to base with one engine blowing black smoke and his fuselage peppered with flack. Rory and Raj in particular gave everything, with some spectacular spins opening up the midfield. Christian even got a yellow card for his valiant efforts to remove limbs but Rugby kept trickling in the goals to make it 5-1 with 17 minutes to go. Those last 17 minutes were a great performance though with Steve making some excellent saves and the WALL and midfield/forward combo working ceaselessly to halt the Rugby tidal wave.
In the last two minutes Negus summed up the game by perfectly intercepting the ball with a beautiful cherry picking manoeuvre at full giraffe stretch, only to then knock the ball against his sliding feet to give them a short corner. No matter what we did Rugby were there to punish us. We had to stretcher each other off at the end because we had given our absolute all. We have not run that much in a game for a long time. With half of us being born in the last century and Negus the century before that one there was just no way we could keep up. Heads up guys. We worked hard and never gave up against a brilliant team who deserved to win.

Man of the MatchDaddy Lion. Spanked Baboon. Striking Cobra. Call him what you want but there is no doubting that he is a bit of an animal.
Donkey of the DayChristian Moloney, yellow card and no dismembering to show for it